Benefits of gindara fish oil for health

Benefits of gindara fish oil

At first glance, the shape of Gindara is similar to swordfish. The taste and texture of meat is also similar to swordfish and suitable to serve as boneless meat (fillet). But in terms of efficacy, Gindara fish, also called devil fish, is great potential to developed as a material that works as a drug.

Gindara fish oil can improve immune function and protect against some types of cancers. Gindara Fish accelerates the process of trombosit production when the fish is consumed  regularly.

This makes Gindara fish very suitable for consumption, to cure typhoid and dengue fever, because its efficacy to accelerate the production of trombosit in the body.

Efficacy of gindara fish oil is inseparable with the components contained therein, which consists of 2.92 percent of saturated fat, 88.73 percent monounsaturated fat (MUFA – Mono-Unsaturated Fatty Acid) and 8.32 percent unsaturated fat (PUFA – Poly-Unsaturated Fatty Acid).

Researchers from the Agency for research and development of marine and fisheries mentioned gindara-fish-oil-benefitsthat gindara fish contains omega-9 (as much as 95 per cent) capable to lower cholesterol levels.

This fish also contains polyunsaturated fatty acids or Docosahexanoat (DHA) as much as 1.98 percent, which is necessary for brain development.

A study  conducted by Dr. Robert Mc. Namara from Department of Psychiatry University of Cincinnati College of Medicine concluded that boys aged 8-10 years who were given DHA proved able to work on academic tasks with better results.

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