Spirulina as the natural superfood

Maybe you’ve heard the name of Spirulina and ask about things that relate to this superfood. Spirulina is green algae as the source of health for the body. So that spirulina can be regarded as fruits and vegetables are packaged into the algae and commonly used as food for fish.

Let us see what is actually contained in spirulina that is widely used in health supplements.

Nutrition containing in Spirulina

Complete protein: Contains amino acids necessary for health. That is why spirulina is used for those who are vegetarian or vegan and for those who eat less meat. However, with the recommended daily dose of 1 teaspoon, you will only get 2 grams of protein.

Vitamin B12: Spirulina does not produce vitamin B12, as long as you consume spirulina then you do not have to worry about contamination and toxins. The content of vitamin B12 in spirulina is still unclear. We are not sure if vitamin B12 in spirulina will be absorbed by the body. Therefore, for those who are vegetarian, they have to find vitamin B12 from other foods.

Chlorophyll: Chlorophyll is pigment found in spirulina, which gives a green color. Chlorophyll may help improve digestion, improve blood circulation system, and cure liver disease.

Benefits of spirulina for health:

Spirulina as the natural superfoodThere has been no real scientific evidence about the actual function of spirulina, but can be assured that spirulina can be beneficial for body health such as:

  • Reduce PMS
  • Reduce depression, anxiety and heart disorders.
  • Increase energy
  • Lose weight
  • Blood glucose control in
  • Improve skin tone
  • Reduce inflammation and arthritis
  • Reduce the risk of cancer

You can buy spirulina in form of pill or powder. However, please remember to buy it from a famous brand, and not take excessive amounts of these supplements because it is not well studied.

Spirulina appears to be a natural superfood and is a source of protein is easily digested by the digestive system. But, it’s still fairly new on the market, so I would recommend to be careful when taking it by just taking the recommended daily dose.

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