The dangers of energy drinks for kidney and liver health

The dangers of energy drinks. Energy drinks are already familiar in our society, ranging from construction workers to the upper middle. Not surprisingly, energy drinks are able to reach almost all people, because the onslaught of advertising from manufacturer, and the ability of this beverage to provide instant energy, so that consumers increasingly believe in energy drinks.

In general, the main content of energy drinks are water, sugar or substitute, and caffeine. While the other contents are taurine, ginseng, ginkgo biloba, guarana, vitamins, green tea, coloring agent, flavor, etc..
Alfiah Kurnia, a student of Biology Education Department, FKIP, UMS, conduct research on energy drinks and their effects on the kidneys.

This study uses some white rats were divided into six groups, and were given energy drinks. Energy drinks which used in this investigation, using the most popular products in comparison with other products. In the first group, they were not was given energy drinks as a control, the second group was was given energy drinks as much as 0.01 mg / kg / day, the third group was given as 0.02 mg / kg / day, the fourth group was given 0.03 mg / kg / day, the fifth group 0.04 mg / kg bw/ day, and the sixth group was given 0.05 mg / kg / day.
Doses used in this study have been converted from a human dose. When humans drink every day a pack of energy drinks, it is equal to 0.01 mg per day in rats.

Mice that received energy drinks appear to be more active than the mice that did not get the energy drinks at all (control group). Even the group that received 0.05 mg / kg / day, indicating hyperactive response. When categorized into humans, it can be said that the human susceptible to interference in the body’s vital organs, such as heart, brain, nerve, and liver (liver).
On the white mice who received 0.03 mg / kg bw / day, they are also experience other symptoms, in the form of loss of feathers. Especially in the group that gets 0.05 mg / kg bw / day.

The dangers of energy drinksFrom this study, the glomerulus (a part of the kidney that filter the blood) in mice that have as much as energy drinks from 0.01 to 0.05 mg / kg bw / day had piknosisi and necrosis, a form of cell death, after the administration of energy drinks for 35 days . The most severe damage was occurred on the mice that received 0.05 mg / kg bw / day of energy drinks, which are hollow Bowman’s capsule. When converted, 35 days in mice will be equal to 35 months in humans.

The results of this study could be a warning for the public. Because at this time, many young people who already have kidney disease. One factor that is thought to be the cause is due to consuming too much energy drinks, so they had to undergo dialysis. Dialysis must be endured by these patients because their kidneys lose the ability to filter out toxic substances in the body.

In addition to damaging the kidney, the dangers of energy drinks can also disrupt the function of the liver. “For example, if you drink energy drinks 10 times a day in a long time then your kidneys and liver will be damaged quickly,” said a health expert of clinical nutrition UI College of Medicine, Dr. Samuel Oetoro.

Considering the dangers of energy drinks to kidney and liver, then the water is the best. Energy drinks are able to provide instant energy, but the risk should get much worse than the benefits. Want kidney transplantation? So, care about your kidneys!

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    Can someone edit this please? It sounds choppy and the ideas don’t connect well.

    Firstly, energy drinks can be a danger to our health, especially because our bodies are still growing and developing. These contain high amounts of caffeine, more than a regular cup of coffee. Caffeine raises the heart rate, makes the kidney work harder, and causes the brain vessels to narrow, and since our bodies aren’t fully grown yet, the effects are worse. Some kids drink energy drinks before being active, like at a basketball game. Consuming caffeine while being physically active can be fatal because the heart rate would be raised three or four times as normal and result in a heart attack. Selling energy drinks on campus would promote the use of it and increase a student’s health risk.


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