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Adequate and balanced nutrition of children is the basis of proper development and often undervalued investment for all adult life. Healthy child nutrition does not have to be a challenge for parents – just remember a few rules to let your toddler enjoy eating your dish. Children’s menu – what to remember

Diet for a child – menu and few important rules

The children’s menu is based on two pillars – it should be tasty and various. When composing meals, you need to take into account several elements that do not differ much from the basics of the proper adult menu. First of all – children eat with their eyes. It is just as important what you give and how you present and prepare it.

The same sandwich can be simple and traditional, as well as cheerful and a bit crazy. Experiment with vegetables. Prepare vegetable toast with a smile of tomato sauce, arrange slices of tomato or pepper so that it looks like a happy face. Such a meal tastes much better!

Are you worried that your child won’t eat fruit and vegetables? Or maybe your toddler is disgusted with meals and doesn’t want to try new flavors? Remember that the more you force someone, the worse the result you will achieve. Don’t use bribery or blackmail. Food cannot be associated with coercion and unpleasant necessity. Eat meals with your child. Show that the ingredients he avoids are enjoyed by other family members. Place a plate with a specific dish in the center of the table and propose, but do not press.

Or maybe it’s worth finding a new recipe for an old dish? Sometimes parsley or carrot slices in a soup leave the whole plate intact. Try to give them up temporarily and return to the topic in a few weeks or months.

Small children don’t always like new flavors. Sometimes they prefer dishes based on simple ingredients and best served separately – if you hit such a “case” – prepare the salad so that each element on the plate appears separately – it may turn out that the toddler will eat everything with appetite, as if he consumed the most exquisite dish in the restaurant.

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Healthy eating for children – what does a child and teenager need?

The child’s diet should provide him with a sufficient dose of calories and should not be monotonous. Healthy nutrition for children must provide a daily dose of nutrients and vitamins. Children are constantly growing – that’s why vitamin D and E, calcium, iron and magnesium are so important on the menu. All these ingredients will be provided by dairy products, vegetables, fish and seafood. Introduce specific dishes depending on the seasons – magnesium will complement dark cocoa, drunk on winter evenings, in summer enjoy the benefits of nature – fresh fruit and vegetables.

Healthy eating for school children begins in infancy. A child’s diet is not just healthy ingredients. It is also a skillful combination of them and teaching the child the right attitude towards food. If your child understands why should not eat sweets and processed food, even under the influence of peers, it will not be tempted so easily and think twice about what to eat.

Diet for a child – the perfect menu

How to compose a balanced menu for a child of all ages? The basis is 5 meals. Here is an example menu:

1st meal – breakfast
It is considered the most important meal of the day. It can be a milk soup, porridge on milk or water, muesli with fruit and yogurt. If your child does not like such dishes, breakfast can be a whole-grain sandwich with good-quality protein, e.g. natural sausage, cheese or legume paste.

2nd meal – 2nd breakfast
Here is the perfect place for fruit and vegetables – whole, pistachios, fruit cocktail based on yogurt or cream cheese with colorful additions

3rd meal – dinner
Vegetable-based soup with the addition of healthy fats and oils. For this meat steamed or baked in the oven with porridge or dark rice. Children like pasta – it can be a traditional spaghetti sauce or vegetable mousse with the addition of delicate spices. Always remember the vegetables or fruits on your plate!

4th meal – afternoon tea
Compose it according to what your child eats for lunch. Here is also a place for homemade cake, fruit salad, pudding or jelly. Preferably something light that replenishes your energy after lunch.

5th meal – dinner
Dinner should be easily digestible and tasty to calm down the body. Avoid fried and highly processed dishes. Choose a colorful salad, a sandwich with cheese or lean meat, a cocktail or a cup of hot cocoa. The last meal should be eaten up to two hours before bedtime.

If you are not sure if your child is eating properly, you suspect that you are not getting enough good ingredients for him, get specialist advice and visit a diet clinic. Consultation with a dietitian will allow you to take a look at the diet and assess whether the products are not too much or too little.

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