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Kefir diet for weight loss and cleansing

The kefir diet is not only a slimming diet, but also a cleansing treatment. Thanks to it, you can not only lose weight, but also cleanse the body of toxins. However, the kefir diet, like any mono-component diet, has some drawbacks. What is the kefir diet? What are its effects? How much weight can you lose by drinking kefir?

The kefir diet is not only a slimming diet, but also a cleansing diet. Kefir not only stimulates metabolism, but also supports intestinal peristalsis, which contributes to fat burning and cleansing the body of toxins and other unnecessary metabolic products.

Kefir diet: who is it for?

The kefir diet is intended for people who want to lose only a few extra pounds or who need to cleanse the body of toxins.

Kefir diet – which kefir to choose?

It is best to reach for skimmed kefir, which in 100 g has only about 38 kcal and about 4 g of protein.

Kefir diet: rules. What is the kefir diet?

The kefir diet lasts 5 days, during which you can use one of the two versions of this slimming and cleansing treatment.

The first involves gradually replacing traditional meals with kefir. On the first day of the diet, you should eat lean cottage cheese. For the next two days you should only drink kefir, just enough to satisfy your hunger. On the fourth day, gradually include other foods, preferably cooked and raw vegetables, into your diet.

On the last day of the diet, you can afford boiled meat, and replace kefir with mineral water. After completing the slimming treatment, you should gradually increase the amount of calories supplied to avoid the yo-yo effect.

When using the second version of the diet, dishes containing kefir should be included in your diet. For 5 days, you should eat easy-to-digest and low-calorie meals based on kefir or served with kefir, e.g. boiled potatoes with kefir.


In the first days of using the kefir diet, general malaise, weakness, headaches, sleep problems, muscle cramps may appear. These are the side effects of a fairly strict and quickly introduced diet.

Kefir diet: effects. How much weight can you lose by drinking kefir?

By following the kefir diet, you can lose about 1-3 kg within 5 days – everything depends on the daily energy balance. However, it should be noted that after its completion there is a high risk of the yo-yo effect. The kefir diet is low in calories and therefore slows down the metabolism. A return to proper nutrition after a diet is viewed by a starved body as a chance to stockpile up for the next low-calorie diet.

Is the kefir diet healthy?

The kefir diet can be harmful to health if it is used for longer than specified, i.e. 5 days. The kefir diet is a monodiet, i.e. a slimming treatment based on only one food product. Therefore, if used for a long time, it can lead to a nutrient deficiency. Also, an excess of one product and an excess of a nutrient contained in it (in this case, protein) can have negative consequences.